Thomas Bayrle –
Catalogue release at dépendance, Brussels
By Thomas Bayrle, Economy and Fuchs Borst
Produced and published by, 2015

For Thomas Bayrle’s exhibition Economy purchased the Swiss domain The website hosts an altered clone (copy) of Economy registered the website in Switzerland where the Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was signed. For his exhibition all the layers and images of the original website have been replaced with only the architecture of the website remaining. A reworking of three of Bayrle’s Superstars (1996) computer animation works were installed. Each time a user clicks a web link on a video is randomly selected and a specially written ‘Java internet script’ puts that film in place of all the original web content being displayed.

An exhibition catalogue consisting of a frame by frame representation of Gun one of Bayrle’s Superstars videos was produced in newsprint tabloid format and launched at Dépendance gallery.