Current - Hessische Kulturstiftung year fellowship, Paris
2015 - International WIELS Residency program, Brussels
2011- 2014 - Städelschule, Frankfurt
2010 -

Kunstmuseum Luzern

The Duck at Paris Internationale

Silent-Cinema, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Dana and Shane Munro, Gerald Moore Gallery, London

2 Dimensional, Kornhäuschen, Aschaffenburg

Dana Munro, Salon at 91-92 Dean St., London, hosted by Patricia Lennox-Boyd

Danger in Paradise, Palmengarten, Frankfurt

Nein ist für lange weile, Vilma Gold, London

Love Among The Artists, Walden Affairs, Den Haag

Revelry, Kunsthalle Bern

Nagel Draxler, Cologne

Hard Hat, Geneva

Elaine-MGK, Basel

Cladows Part I and II, Green Room, Weltkulturenmuseum, Frankfurt

Where Language Stops, Wilkinson Gallery, London - Publication - Edition