Dana Munro works in London and Brussels. She was an international resident at Wiels, Brussels in 2015 and held the fellowship of the Hessische Kulturstiftung, Paris, 2016/17. Recent shows include Montague, London, Umwelt Mode, Paris, Etablissement d'en face, Brussels, TG Nottingham, Cell Project Space, London, Bonny Poon, Paris, Shanaynay, Paris, Wiels, Brussels, Kunstmuseum Luzern and Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Co-founder of economy-projects.com and member of Publikationen + Editionen. _____________________________________________________________________________________   

Post Time, 2019, 2min 40, video

Pat Hearn gives a tour of the Lutz Bacher, Playboys exhibition at Pat Hearn Gallery, New York 1993. Video produced by Simon Watson.

Voice over by Dana Munro



additional – financial – support
Gillian Carnegie
Erika Landström
Dana Munro
Paule Vézelay

Organised by Dana Munro and Tim Steer

Above: Metropolitan Diamonds, Gillian Carnegie, Tube map,
Art On The Underground, 2016, photo: Benedict Johnson, 2016



The British Council, 2018, T-shirt, tape

A discarded frame produced for the work Sorting Out Other People's Lives, by Stephen Willats for the exhibition Concerning Our Present Way of Living, Whitechapel Gallery, 1979, was flipped to expose its indicators of provenance. Positioned alongside the labels, a used British Council T-shirt was installed in a similar manner to how one would frame a sports jersey. The perspex cover was re-installed to create a box frame. There are four panels that constitute the original work by Stephen Willats. This is one of three acquired frames. The fourth is not in my possession.

Sorting Out Other People's Lives (1978), explored the intersection between community and home life through recordings and photographs of a woman who lived on the estate. An active member of the community, the work depicts her within two contexts: her family life with her husband looking after six children, and the organisations she was involved in, from the Tenants Association to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

For more than 80 years the British Council has existed to create a basis of friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and the wider world. Through creativity they have been seeking to find new ways of connecting with and understanding each other. It is a not-for-profit charity and though independent, it is partly funded by the British Government. An arm of the Foreign Office, it is the epitome of soft power promoting British interests through culture and education. The previous Chief Executive, Martin Davidson described the set-up as "a model of entrepreneurial public service". My father worked for the British Council for many years. This T-shirt was my mothers. She used to wear it when she played tennis.


The British Council, 2018, T-shirt, tape


Gorgeous (Hyena with Wildebeest), 2016, pencil on paper

Shane Munro
19/11/18 - 16/12/18
VirchowStrasse 6, 10249 Berlin
52°31'32.8"N 13°26'29.9"E


Dana Munro @ Unsere Umwelt "Umwelt Monde" at DOC Paris, TG (Nottingham), Mercy Pictures (Auckland), Guimaraes (Vienna), Sydney (Sydney), Unsere Umwelt (Basel), and The Community (Paris)


(untitled), pen, pencil, paper, 2018

Drawings of children drawing on postcards produced for John Knight’s exhibition at Portikus, Frankfurt Am Main, 2013 and installed akin to Louise Lawler’s Truck and Volkswagen, 1978. (Detail)


Sarah Lucas Photographed, 2018, 34 sec, video, repeated



CONVERSATIONS - Publication launch
Brussels, Oct. 2018
Contributors: Chris Kraus + Melissa Gordon, Natasha Soobramanien, Anna Zacharoff, Erika Landstrom and Dana Munro
Edited by Melissa Gordon
Designed by Kaisa Lassinaro
Published with Anagram Books


Truth Licenced Under Description (excerpt), Dana Munro


No, No, No, No, Cell Project Space, London
Wojciech Bakowski
Beth Collar
Nancy Halt
Atiéna Lansade
Dana Munro


I wish my wife was as dirty as this, 2018, basketball jersey, photograph, plexiglass frame, dust, 110 x 75 x 6 cm

Basketball jersey and photograph gifted to Dana Munro for participation in the production of the edition of 1 Portikus is our Name, Basketball is our Game by John Knight, 2013, Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany

A reproduction of Portikus is Our Name, Basketball is Our Game was produced with the gifted ephemera. Dust was applied to the front of the perspex frame and ’I wish my wife was as dirty as this’ written like an anonymous note left to an owner of a dirty car.


“To begin, my response is grounded in the fact that I never produce editions, thus an original. In addition, it is a response to the twisted financial rationale of the producers: the public institution's delusion of independence from private influence, the corporation's need to appear virtuous; both being contemptuous of the other, via a masculine centric - often used by corporations- as a nod to the overtly misogynist environment of the school (Städelschule, Frankfurt). All in all, the conflation of a sports bar signifier under the banner of DB (Deutsche Bank) and the distribution of a self-proclaimed sight of prodigy.” John Knight, correspondence, 2016


Western Standards, TG Gallery, UK
Barbara Laws
Lawrence Leaman
Ghislaine Leung
Dana Munro
Alan Ruiz
Oliver Tirre


No Biography, 2018, Martin Kippenberger jacket, chrome garment stand, hanger, garment security cable

A leather bomber jacket previously owned by Martin Kippenberger has been inverted, materials discarded, some re-inserted, some flipped, repositioned and the shoulder pads relined. Hung on a garment stand, the jacket is secured with a standard retail security cable.


untitled, 2018
Pen on ephemera produced for John Knight’s exhibition at Portikus

Postcards produced for the exhibition John Knight, Portikus, 2013, are drawn on by children born after the exhibition was held.


untitled, 2018
Pen on ephemera produced for John Knight’s exhibition at Portikus


closing, 2017, Inaugural speech for opening of Bonny Poon gallery

Listen: http://bonnypoon.com/exhibition/lol.html

Loneliness of Leaders, Bonny Poon, Paris
Zoe Barcza
Brice Dellsperger
Sam Lipp
Peter Friel
Lili Reynaud-Dewar
Dana Munro
Marie Karlberg


Dana Munro gives a tour of Loneliness of Leaders


Made in Decision, WIELS, Brussels, 2017


26 transparent plastic sheets are melted and draped over moulds. Placed under vacuum all the letters of the modern English alphabet are sucked in.

Chomped into an unmistakably synthetic indissoluble host, by an unmistakably synthetic indissoluble host, each letter is stringed from the ceiling with chewing gum.

Circulating projectors shift matter into virile palettes.

Each letter of the modern English Alphabet are vacuum formed into transparent plastic components. EC Square Sans Pro typeface, the mandatory font for the European Commission, is used. Three projectors continuously rotate at 340° projecting Desaturated, Saturated and Logo, the colour palettes of the European Commission's logo and policies laid out in their Visual Identity Manual, 2016. Chewing Gum is chewed and applied in multiple ways around the space.


<em>ounnus</em> ounnus




<em>Chewing gum</em>Chewing gum


An intermittent bookshop and a public programme run by Stefano Faoro, Ghislaine Leung, and Dana Munro

PUBLIKATIONEN + EDITIONEN at Shanaynay, Paris, 2017



Softbound grey paper cover with black and red printed interior on white Chinese bound pages and several grey pages containing end matter, colophon and an essay in German and English. Published by Städtisches Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach for Hanne Darboven, Venice Biennale 1982. Black san serif text on grey paper cover reads 'Hanne Darboven, Biennale Venedig, Venice Biennale, Biennale di Venezia,1982'. Dimensions 21 x 29,5 cm, the publication has 201 pages. Designed by Johannes Cladders & Hanne Darboven.


Softbound white paper cover with CMYK printed interior on white case bound pages. Published by Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest for 'EAST OF EDEN Photorealism – Versions of reality', 2011. Cover with red and blue san serif all caps text reads 'Édentol Keletre, East of Eden' and full-colour reproduction of Gérard Gasiorowski 'L'approche. C'est moi qui doit faire des efforts énormes pour se maintenir à la surface des choses', on white matt coated paper. Language English and Hungarian. Authors: Ješa Denegri, Fehér Dávid, Brigitte Franzen, Anna Sophia Schultz, Jana Geržová, Erwin Kessler, Magdalena Radomska. Edited by Eross Nikolett. Dimensions 27 x 21 cm, the publication has 214 pages. Designed by Szmolka Zoltán.




Mg0197.jpg, Dana and Shane Munro
Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK

clean, clear, but crazy like machines, HD projection, looped, acrylic paint, climate control unit



Keep up, operate and try to manage, 3min 24, HD



A bookshop selling all available publications produced and distributed by the Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany, 16 Avenue Paul Dejaer, 1060 Saint­ Gilles, Brussels, Belgium, BE



STRATA, ISBN 978-3-00-043051-0, Published by Dana Munro, website produced by Kunsthalle Bern
Contributors: Ailsa Cavers, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, David Cunningham, Gerald Domenig, Susan Howe, Steve Kado, Patricia Lennox-Boyd, Louis Pierre-Lacouture, Laure Prouvost, Nora Schultz, Adrian Williams.



Nein ist für lange weile, Erika Landström, Dana Munro,
Anna Zacharoff, Vilma Gold, London




2-Dimensional, The Kornhäuschen, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Digital prints folded, aluminium, spray paint



2-Dimensional, The Kornhäuschen, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Digital prints folded, aluminium, spray paint


2-Dimensional, The Kornhäuschen, Aschaffenburg, Germany
In The Form of Tears: An Introduction
Back To Black: An Introduction


2-Dimensional, The Kornhäuschen, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Digital prints folded, aluminium, spray paint


Dana Munro, Studio 5, 91-92 Dean Street, London
Fan, HD, 4min looped, modified standing fan



Drinks left from previous Dean Street events, postcards produced for John Knight’s exhibition at Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, 2013


You Have The Right To Remain Silent
length variable, (no sound)



Rubber Punk, 9min looped, HD



VideoBox - Dana Munro
“Silent” Cinema, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany

Dolly, 12 min, HD looped, (no sound)